When life goes a lil' bit crazy! :-)


The concept for this blog is to give people a new or different, but (hopefully) interesting perspective on various different aspects of life. I see it as a would-be rave chillout room – an up-beat and positive place where I hope people can enjoy stepping out of themselves for a few moments a week and consider things they wouldn’t normally give themselves the chance to. I love meeting people who have refreshing ideas on things that I haven’t ever considered before and this is my attempt to spread such thoughts.

The name of the blog comes from the trance song “Out of Control” by Darude which never fails to put me in a refreshed and happy mood when things are getting a little too crazy. :mrgreen:

If you have any feelings about the direction of this blog, however, I’d love to receive feedback so please get in touch.

Over and outtactrl! :mrgreen:


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