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CompSci 1 – World 0

I haven’t posted in a while because of the sheer amount of stuff I’ve had going on over the last few months. I’ve just started an iMovie import though and needed some way to pass one and a half hours of dead time.

I caught a train home a few days ago and thankfully arrived at the station half-an-hour early as there were massive queues on not only cashier desks but the self-service machines too. 😐

The important thing to note here is that I said queues – not queue. The CompSci inside of me was screaming about the unfairness introduced by having multiple queues. I fight what seems like a one-man crusade whenever I’m starting a cash-machine queue to make it clear I’m queuing for whichever machine becomes available first. I want my queues to be truly FCFS damn-it. 😛

For those who aren’t up to speed on queuing theory, consider what happens if Courtney joins a queue and a few minutes later Alan joins a different one. Despite Courtney arriving first, Alan might end-up being serviced first if Courtney’s queue is held up by someone who thinks their railcard is a valid payment method. There’s a nifty video explaining this and a few other queuing phenomena available here if interested: Why The Other Lines Always Seem To Move Faster Than Yours.

Anyhoo the queues were already in place so I scanned them all looking for the one that was likely to progress quickest (read this as minimizing the number of people whilst maximizing the proportion of student-y people who had probably done this a million times before).

25 minutes later but being acutely aware that my train was leaving in 6 minutes time, I was the next in line. Looking over at the queue for the machine adjacent to mine, there was a rumble of discontent as the person at the head announced that the card reader had broken. Bam – instantly everyone who had been queuing for that machine had just wasted their last 30 minutes and would have to join the other queues. 😦 Queuing theory strikes back in a rather sadistic way that meant people would miss their trains. 👿

At this moment, the one-remaining lady in front of me scraped up her printed tickets from the collection area and scurried off. Immediately, a middle-aged lady from the adjacent queue steps up to me and asks whether she could possibly push-in as her train was due to leave in just 2 minutes time. She had a frantic and concerned-looking face that was mirrored not only by her similarly aged acquaintance but also by the toddler grasping her hand.

Naturally, I obliged and not a second later this complete BIATCH of a girl starts off behind me.


😯 Could not believe it. 😯

  1. In the girl’s original position, there was no way that she could have got her tickets in time as my transaction would have taken at least 2 minutes. Letting this lady in didn’t affect her chances at all.
  2. I had no idea that she was on the same train and if I did I of course would have considered differently. She had just as much right to ask as the lady in the other queue and if she did I no doubt would have let her in too.
  3. What makes this girl thinks she has priority above a struggling parent and her infant son?

Now it turns out the lady and her family that I let in were abnormally efficient at their ticket collecting and there was still one minute before the train arrived.

Ignoring the fact that train doors lock 30 seconds before departure, and with the last shred of compassion I had, I offered the BIATCH my place and she pushed rudely past without so much as a “thank-you”. Not only that but she summoned all of her friends from the other queues to push to the front with her. I was stunned by her sheer audacity and its apparent hypocrisy. 😯

Thankfully karma was restored when I passed her on my way onto the platform storming towards the exit. 🙄

Anyway… Moral of this story is that this would have all been avoided if everyone studied CompSci. 😎 And with fear of losing any possible street-cred I have remaining…

“Be a little bit wiser baby…
let tonight be the night when the queues become one”.

😳 …which sets up my next blog-post quite nicely.


Over and outtactrl! :mrgreen:


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