When life goes a lil' bit crazy! :-)

In The Thick of It

For a friend.

A few months ago I was getting pretty stressed about a particular situation to the point where it was driving me crazy.

Usually when I get stressed, I go find someone who’s willing to sit there and listen while I rant for half an hour in exchange for a cup of tea. And I don’t mind too much whether that person agrees or disagrees, providing they are happy to sit there and nod every so often. :mrgreen: Seriously, I would highly recommend this if ever the need arises.

I rarely find myself getting angry about things. Annoyed – definitely. I get annoyed pretty easily (note to self for blogging about annoying hair cuts 😛 ) and if I’m annoyed at a particular person, they’ll know it. But anger only comes after an immense amount of annoyance and thinking back I can only count one or two people that have ever made me truly angry and it takes months to build up.

So how do I deal with anger? Surprising to some, I pretty much go very quiet and I just don’t want to be around that person and if I am – I get extremely defensive and assertive of my position. This is quite an introverted response and is quite different to how other more extroverted peeps seem to deal with anger: letting it all out.

In a lot of ways, I’m in awe at how effective Malcolm is at getting it all out in the open (specifically 2 mins, 32 secs). However, people don’t really like being on the receiving end of an extroverted type when it happens and it can be very hard to recover from. I suppose there are pros and cons for either reaction. Go figure!

Something which I constantly remind myself of is that people react in different ways to the same situation. In the majority of cases, no single reaction is better than any other. But however they react, the important thing to do is to not hold it against them. Ultimately, we’re all quite similar in one way or another so if someone’s reaction really does leave you clueless or lost for words, I’d guess you might be missing one or two facts.

Anyhoo… Promise to write a lighter blog post next week. :mrgreen:


Over and outtactrl!


Bonus Chatter: So what happens when an introvert and an extrovert get angry at each other? Let’s just say the extrovert’s got the upper hand – a lot to say to a person who just doesn’t want to be there at all. And what makes matters worse, is the angrier (and more silent) the introvert gets, the angrier (and more expressive) the extrovert gets. Not a good situation to find yourself in. So make sure you take the time to think things through before they get to this point, so that you know what you want to say when you need to say it.


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